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Mar. 14th, 2020 02:52 pm
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Hi, this is my intro post! Let me introduce myself ...
First, just call me rabu if you find it difficult to call me with my username lovely_lace (rabu = love in Japanese language). It's not my real name though ^^ I just don't feel comfortable if people in cyber world call me with my real name :P
I'm interested in Japanese culture, especially with JE boys, but I will not only talk about them here in my journal since this journal created to post my randomness because I also like K-Pop, American music and tv series and also movies, etc.
I once have created an account in livejournal, but then I made a mistake for adding my RL friend as my LJ friend. Thus it made me stressed out since she always post about her activities in our university. For me, internet is one of my way to have fun without thinking about my RL especially about my univ life. And what made me annoyed and couldn't stand it again was when she send me a message and told about my univ news ;_; enough is enough! Even though I've ended up defriending her, but I'm still in her f-list. Thus, I still feel uncomfortable posting for public. Therefore, I have to post for my f-lists only. It's not what I wanted in first place when I created that account "to share everything for public".
That's why I created this dreamwith journal so I can talk freely about everything even though it's very random ^^
You can add me as your friend, be a lurker here, as long as you're not my RL friend.

Let's have fun together here everyone ~~~
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After reading many books and fanfictions online, I just realized one thing. When I read them online through wattpad or blogs, I can read many chapters in one day. However, when the ones I read are published into printed books, I only can survive reading 2-3 chapters maximum in one sitting. After reading few chapters, my eyes become heavy and I cannot resist myself to put the book on the shelf, or in my situation I put them back on the table beside my bed. Maybe because I already know the story beforehand (for wattpad-published books), maybe I prefer the eye-catching outline of wattpad, or maybe not only enjoy reading the wattpad online novels but I also enjoy reading the comments published there. That's why I kind of feel regret after I read the published works of wattpad writers.
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In today's episode of At Home with Venetia in Kyoto, Mrs. Venetia made watercress soup. It looked delicious. Furthermore, all ingredients were fresh and easy to find, even in Indonesia. However, I need to change two ingredients so as to adjust to the condition here, in my hometown I mean. Watercress is uncommon here, so I may change it with spinach. I will also use fresh coconut milk as the fresh-cream substitute, and olive oil to substitute the canola oil. Judging from the ingredients used in this recipe, it can still be considered as real food right?

I write the recipe here so that I won't forget the measure of all ingredients.

Watercress Soup:
2 large potatoes
1 apple
150 grams watercress
800 ml chicken stock
1 table spoon canola oil
2-3 table spoon butter (I forget the measure of this)
70 ml fresh cream
Salt and pepper (to taste)

How to make:
1. Fried the sliced potatoes in canola oil and melted butter.
2. After the potatoes become tender, pour in the chicken stock.
3. Put in the apple that has been sliced and peeled.
4. Put in the watercress, cook until boiled.
5. Pour in the soup to the blender. Blend it well.
6. Put the blended soup into the pan once more. Add the fresh cream, salt and pepper.
7. Serve it warm or cool, to your own choice.


Sep. 13th, 2012 11:26 pm
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"Open Up Your Heart A Bit". Simple said but difficult to do, at least for me ;__; especially after what I have been through. Feeling fooled and betrayed by someone.
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I'm a person who rarely idolize one idol for a long time, that's why it's surprising that I like Ueda Tatsuya from JE or Ryeowook from SuJu for this long. This two has similar personality, both of them are really quite and don't talk a lot. This night, I just knew both of them also have the same skill. Both of them are talented in playing piano & composing the songs.

I never thought I would like these two idols whom have made me often headdesk-ing myself because of their stingy action on talking.
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I'm trying to translate a little bit of this. Just take this translation just for fun because I'm not majoring in Japanese. I only know some Japanese words.

Girl : You want to talk? Megu wants to talk?
Tsuyo : Hello. Megu-chan?
I'm sorry, but I'm not Sankumi.
Uhm ... too bad.
Thank you.
Girl : It's terrific right? OMG OMG
*the girl said Yabai which usually means "Dangerous/It's bad" but I think she used this word for expressing his excitement towards meeting the idol. "Yabai" here is a "slang word"

A little bit translation from me on the part when Nakai talked to Ueda :
Nakai : ehm ... what is it again?
Ueda : It's Ueda.
Kame : He's working with you the most.
Ueda : It's no problem (to Nakai) ... ah, thank you (to Kame)
Nakai : In your group ... 5 of you ... Don't you feel a little bit embarrassed? About that thing? *He's asking about their feeling when they go out together*
Ueda : Feel embarrassed? Not really because everyone have done this since a long ago, so it doesn't feel odd anymore.
(You can find the rest of the translation on that channel)
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Marhaban ya Ramadhan ~ The holy month comes again and I'm so grateful I live another year to welcome this blessed month again this year.

- Ramadan is the month which the beginning is Mercy, the middle is Forgiveness, and the end is Freedom from Hell Fire -

May الله bless us during this holy month, accept all our duas, and continue increasing our imans

Happy Ramadan to All Muslims in The World
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So, when I was reading some fanfics tonight I heard some conversations between the son of my landlord lady and also one of the tenant. He said the they will increase the pay rent starting next month -_-' WHAT THE??????!!!!!!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!
He just told about another house with higher pay rent than this room a while ago. Speaking how low the pay rent here judging from the facilities they offer here than others. AND NOW?????? Not more than a week, they take those words back? They want to increase the pay rent only because of they see the others increase the pay rent too? =_="

I don't know, I hope I just misheard about that thing since I don't want to burden my parents anymore with my room pay rent every month ;_; or maybe if I didn't mishear, I think I should think about searching for a new one again. For the worst case, I will decide to stop my study and get my ass back to my hometown and start all over again with studying something I want.

JE meme

Jul. 26th, 2011 08:03 pm
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Because I don't know what to write now, so I will do meme taken from [livejournal.com profile] snowaltz. I got this meme because I was stalking her sssstttt ~

Q & A )
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I know I'm not too active in KAT-TUN fandom again. To be honest, I kinda avoid and make myself staying away from the fandom but tonight ... I don't know but I just miss him ;_;

Uepi, I'm not reading your manual again as often as I used to be nor I read other translations related to KAT-TUN. Also, I rarely watch KAT-TUN performance in any shows. I only hear your voice via hearing R-ONE. Although I'm one inch closer to take a leave from KAT-TUN fandom, you're always be my #1 in JE :D
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I just searched again whether there will be subtitles for Junior Masterchef Australia and found this :
I laughed when I read this part :

"For Australian and New Zeeland TV shows, we don't have access to transcript, except when someone will rip subs from a DVD release or will made a subtitle for that shows by listening with the headset on his/hers ears."

The bold part, that IS so ME!!! When I subbed something, I have to use headset on my ears even when I sub Japanese shows. That's the part I really hate in subbing. I really hate using headset. Why? You might find it weird, but I'm afraid of the radiation caused by that action. That's why I only limit myself to do subbing only once a week or once in two weeks. Not just because I hate using headset but also I often have back pain now. Besides, I'm just doing re-subbing, which no one cares about LOL

Wanting to be perfectionist is not always good eh ~
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I'm talking about my LJ life actually and also RL.
I just want to go back to the moment when I used to post something in LJ and didn't care whether people would be commenting/not to my entry. I really miss that moment. It's like I turn out to be attention whore now, wanting my f-lists to comment on my entry. I checked my e-mail to see whether I have new comment and getting depressed if there's no comment in my entry or there's no reply when I comment on my friend's entry. I really felt hurt inside that when I commented on blue-chan's entry ... she never replied back. I guess my last comment on her entry about that comm fight has changed her opinion about me. Also, maybe because I'm really annoying by giving her some LONG LONG LONG advices. Guess I have already lost one friend haha
About RL, I really regret about it ~ I threw away, abandoned my RL friends ;_; Now, I also feel distant towards my family too ;_;

I hope by being active in DW, where I have no friends here, I will get the moment when I become active in LJ at the first time ^_^ don't care whether people will comment on my entry etc. Also, I will get my sense back that I have to make my RL to become my top priority.
I try to resist getting too deep in fandom again by leaving some communities, especially the community related to KAT-TUN.

About subbing, I think I will talk about it later though XD ~
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This morning when I went around reading in arama, I knew about the cute characters called mameshiba. One of the video that caught my eyes is this one :

Indonesian word "belajar", if it's pronounced in Japanese it will be sounded like "braissere" which means "bra" in French. My reaction went from ?_? -> O_O -> :DDDDDD -> =_="
And ... yup! This is gonna be my last subbing project before I start my hiatus in the end of this month ^^ *due to fasting month and also Idul Fitri ~ I want to concentrate in it and also spend my time with my family esp. with my 3 beautiful nieces when I go to my hometown*


Jul. 3rd, 2011 04:06 pm
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Let's start the ramblings from Shota’s new single ♥♥♥

That PV is from Shota’s new single “LOVE”. I’m not expert in describing about how good some songs are. I just can say I like this song “LOVE” better than his two previous releases “You and I” and “Forget Me Not”. There’s something in this song which makes me replaying this song again and again, not only on my laptop but also in my head. I can’t describe what it is in words. If you want to know the meaning of each songs Shota wrote for this single, you can read the translation of his interview with Excite by [profile] dookmi here. Thank you to my friend [profile] j_u_addict for telling me about that entry in arama.

Lots of ramblings here )
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credit to : NEIRO-KT6
On the beginning, both of them talked about the tennis table challenge they did on Music Japan with Perfume :) Looks like KAT-TUN really enjoyed this ^^
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Since I'm now no longer active in LJ due to lost faith in KAT-TUN fandom, but I still love KAT-TUN no matter what so from now on here in my journal I will give tudou video about R-ONE KAT-TUN here :)
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I know it's already old but when I found this clip again on YT, I somehow miss this moment. The unforgettable moment from JCD 2010-2011.

credit to : mn51244
My most fave moment is started on 01:47 when the 4 separated stages united into one while Kinki Kids started singing "Family". Koichi-san and Tsuyo-san then walked in the middle, it's like they two were singing "Family" as the song itself picturize "Johnny's Family".

And oh, don't forget too the moment at 03:27! Tackey, Goseki, and Kawaii were surprised looking their dai senpai did juggling.

And uhm, I made 3 entries today! But I think it's okay since I have no friends here, just like the first time I knew LJ. I had no friends. Sometimes I miss that time.
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What's in your mind if you see this video?

One thing popped out in my mind, Kindaichi :D
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Sometimes Arama brought you a good news too, and this one is one of them :D

credit to :

I've already fallen in love with this song when I watched the preview on Mezamashi, and now when I watched this short version ... I totally love this song.
Kinki Kids, dai senpai I love <333333333333333
And oh I forgot to tell this :
If you pay attention to this PV, you'll know that there's something strange there. When Tsuyo-san and Ko-chan brought that robot girl outside, they still don't have something on their neck. Then when three of them (Tsuyo-san, Ko-chan, and that robot girl) are in lab (I don't know what appropriate name for this place), suddenly Tsuyo-san and Ko-chan have the labels on their neck "TIME". It's the same label with the label on that robot girl's body. I don't know, it's just my analization.
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Just in case you want to experience being a subber or doing subbing process, I will give you the video tutorial I’ve found very helpful. I have to admit that I like learning by seeing how to, not by reading the tutorial.

Fisrt Step : Download and Installation The Program )

Subbing Process (How to Do Timing) )

Okay, that’s it. Hope those videos and a little bit explanation from me can be helpful to you if you want to try subbing.
Note :
  • About making an effect for subbing Music Video, I haven’t learned about it since I’m still not interested in subbing PV. And I’ll edit this entry if I can do hardsubbed process.
  • Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy asking me if you have a question. I only understand the basics, but I’m willing to help you and if I don’t know how to answer, I’ll ask my friend who’s already an experienced subber.
  • If you think it’s difficult for you to watch the tutorial online because of the slow loading process, just tell me. I’ll upload those videos and I’ll send you the download links.
Hope this will become a handy for you. I hope with this tutorial, many people will be interested in subbing process so you can help many subbing team to sub your favorite idols’ videos or else you can be an individual subber.
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