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I'm a person who rarely idolize one idol for a long time, that's why it's surprising that I like Ueda Tatsuya from JE or Ryeowook from SuJu for this long. This two has similar personality, both of them are really quite and don't talk a lot. This night, I just knew both of them also have the same skill. Both of them are talented in playing piano & composing the songs.

I never thought I would like these two idols whom have made me often headdesk-ing myself because of their stingy action on talking.
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I'm trying to translate a little bit of this. Just take this translation just for fun because I'm not majoring in Japanese. I only know some Japanese words.

Girl : You want to talk? Megu wants to talk?
Tsuyo : Hello. Megu-chan?
I'm sorry, but I'm not Sankumi.
Uhm ... too bad.
Thank you.
Girl : It's terrific right? OMG OMG
*the girl said Yabai which usually means "Dangerous/It's bad" but I think she used this word for expressing his excitement towards meeting the idol. "Yabai" here is a "slang word"

A little bit translation from me on the part when Nakai talked to Ueda :
Nakai : ehm ... what is it again?
Ueda : It's Ueda.
Kame : He's working with you the most.
Ueda : It's no problem (to Nakai) ... ah, thank you (to Kame)
Nakai : In your group ... 5 of you ... Don't you feel a little bit embarrassed? About that thing? *He's asking about their feeling when they go out together*
Ueda : Feel embarrassed? Not really because everyone have done this since a long ago, so it doesn't feel odd anymore.
(You can find the rest of the translation on that channel)
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I know I'm not too active in KAT-TUN fandom again. To be honest, I kinda avoid and make myself staying away from the fandom but tonight ... I don't know but I just miss him ;_;

Uepi, I'm not reading your manual again as often as I used to be nor I read other translations related to KAT-TUN. Also, I rarely watch KAT-TUN performance in any shows. I only hear your voice via hearing R-ONE. Although I'm one inch closer to take a leave from KAT-TUN fandom, you're always be my #1 in JE :D
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There were 3 things which made me shocked :
1. Tatsuya Ueda (aka Uepi aka Tat-chan from KAT-TUN), my ichiban in JE, wrote in his latest manual that he wouldn't update his manual again until next year because of the pain he felt in his hand. the doctor told him not to. When I read that "Nooooo! It can't be real, right?" He always wrote short manual and then now he said he won't update again until next year :( And also KAT-TUN hasn't had a new variety show since CTKT, although I still can see them on CMs, music shows, but still it's not satisfying my hunger. I want to know Uepi's daily news through his manual since he's rarely appeared in dramas and rarely talk in the shows which KAT-TUN invited *thank God now he's pushed by KoKame to talk, thank you KoKame* Sometimes I felt jelous with Koki's, Kame's, Maru's fans just because the three of them wrote a long manual (^_^") comparing to my ichiban *sobs*

The tsunami which happened in Japan a couple days ago.
2. I've got the news that Uepi is okay and only his house which partly damaged. And when I read the latest news about saying that he collapsed due shock, I became worried again ;_;

3. I felt really worried about Tsuyoshi "Kinki Kids" when I didn't found his name in the safe people's list *I'm Kinki Kids's fan, okay? I respect them* I checked the list again and again, hoping his name will be popped out there.
Now when I know all JE boys are safe ,although some of them lost their home and some have minor injuries (I really feel sad for HSJ fans since almost half of HSJ members had injuries), I can feel relieved. But still I worry all of them, all people in Japan, because the disaster hasn't calmed down.

*Keep praying here for all people's safety there in Japan*


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