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I rarely sad or even worse cry because of hearing the sad song, watching sad/touched movies, etc but I don't know why my heart always have torn apart if I listen to this two song.
First one is Jessee Mccartney "Because You Live"

Here's the lyrics. I wrote this based on my hearing and English is not my native language, so feel free to critisize/correct me if you point out a mistake.

Somewhow this lyrics reminds me of my heartbreaking, hurtful, but also blessed one-sided love. Why? Because when I felt in love with that person on my high school period, suddenly I become diligent in studying and praying. I though he felt the same with me, but then I knew that he's already somebody to love. I've made a poem *if you consider this as a poem* to scream my feeling at that time

And also this song, I love listening this so much. It's Shayne Ward "Breathless".
I love his voice though, but it hasn't touching lyrics like Jessee has. Still, I love this two songs. Only this two songs which could make me touched and crying. Although now I don't cry anymore by listening these two songs, but still I feel a wound in my heart which has healed re-open again ... Yes, right. My first love was so hurtful, painful which makes me trauma til now.


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