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I know it's already old but when I found this clip again on YT, I somehow miss this moment. The unforgettable moment from JCD 2010-2011.

credit to : mn51244
My most fave moment is started on 01:47 when the 4 separated stages united into one while Kinki Kids started singing "Family". Koichi-san and Tsuyo-san then walked in the middle, it's like they two were singing "Family" as the song itself picturize "Johnny's Family".

And oh, don't forget too the moment at 03:27! Tackey, Goseki, and Kawaii were surprised looking their dai senpai did juggling.

And uhm, I made 3 entries today! But I think it's okay since I have no friends here, just like the first time I knew LJ. I had no friends. Sometimes I miss that time.
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What's in your mind if you see this video?

One thing popped out in my mind, Kindaichi :D
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Sometimes Arama brought you a good news too, and this one is one of them :D

credit to :

I've already fallen in love with this song when I watched the preview on Mezamashi, and now when I watched this short version ... I totally love this song.
Kinki Kids, dai senpai I love <333333333333333
And oh I forgot to tell this :
If you pay attention to this PV, you'll know that there's something strange there. When Tsuyo-san and Ko-chan brought that robot girl outside, they still don't have something on their neck. Then when three of them (Tsuyo-san, Ko-chan, and that robot girl) are in lab (I don't know what appropriate name for this place), suddenly Tsuyo-san and Ko-chan have the labels on their neck "TIME". It's the same label with the label on that robot girl's body. I don't know, it's just my analization.


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