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I'm trying to translate a little bit of this. Just take this translation just for fun because I'm not majoring in Japanese. I only know some Japanese words.

Girl : You want to talk? Megu wants to talk?
Tsuyo : Hello. Megu-chan?
I'm sorry, but I'm not Sankumi.
Uhm ... too bad.
Thank you.
Girl : It's terrific right? OMG OMG
*the girl said Yabai which usually means "Dangerous/It's bad" but I think she used this word for expressing his excitement towards meeting the idol. "Yabai" here is a "slang word"

A little bit translation from me on the part when Nakai talked to Ueda :
Nakai : ehm ... what is it again?
Ueda : It's Ueda.
Kame : He's working with you the most.
Ueda : It's no problem (to Nakai) ... ah, thank you (to Kame)
Nakai : In your group ... 5 of you ... Don't you feel a little bit embarrassed? About that thing? *He's asking about their feeling when they go out together*
Ueda : Feel embarrassed? Not really because everyone have done this since a long ago, so it doesn't feel odd anymore.
(You can find the rest of the translation on that channel)


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