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So, when I was reading some fanfics tonight I heard some conversations between the son of my landlord lady and also one of the tenant. He said the they will increase the pay rent starting next month -_-' WHAT THE??????!!!!!!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!
He just told about another house with higher pay rent than this room a while ago. Speaking how low the pay rent here judging from the facilities they offer here than others. AND NOW?????? Not more than a week, they take those words back? They want to increase the pay rent only because of they see the others increase the pay rent too? =_="

I don't know, I hope I just misheard about that thing since I don't want to burden my parents anymore with my room pay rent every month ;_; or maybe if I didn't mishear, I think I should think about searching for a new one again. For the worst case, I will decide to stop my study and get my ass back to my hometown and start all over again with studying something I want.


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