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Jul. 26th, 2011 08:03 pm
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Because I don't know what to write now, so I will do meme taken from [ profile] snowaltz. I got this meme because I was stalking her sssstttt ~

1. Your favorite J.E drama?
1 Liter of Tears (even though I didn't know Ryo is one of JE members at that time)

2. Who is your favorite in the whole entertainment?
Ueda Tatsuya.

3. Who is your favorite in Arashi?
I don't have favorite member in Arashi.

4. Who is your favorite in Hey Say JUMP?
Same answer with the question above, none.

5. Who is your favorite in NewS?
I don't have.

6. Who is your favorite in Kat-tun?
Ueda Tatsuya.

7. Who is your favorite in Kanjani8?
At first, I thought Tacchon is my favorite but now I realize I like them all. So, none.

8. Who is your favorite in Johnny's Juniors?
I don't have favorite among Jrs.

9. What is your most favorite song in J.E?
Sotsugyou ~ Sayonara Ashita Tame ni by Tackey and Tsubasa.

10. Favorite Arashi song
TRUTH. I love all aspects of this song.

11. Favorite Hey Say JUMP song

12. Favorite NewS song
Happy Birthday.

13. Favorite Kat-tun song
Bokura no Machi de.

14. Favorite Kanjani8 song
Naniwa iroha bushi.

15. Your OTP?
I don't have OTP.

16. Your OTP in Arashi

17. Your OTP in Hey Say JUMP

18. Your OTP in NewS

19. Make a random OTP
Sorry, I'm not interested in making any.

20. Favorite Concert?
Maybe Pacific Concert by NEWS? It was my first time watching JE concerts (from DVD of course!) and I could survive watching this til the end of the show. I can't survive watching any JE concerts other than this one until now.

21. Favorite Variety Show?
Shin Domoto Kyoudai.

22. Favorite Drama that an Arashi member(s) stars in
Hana Yori Dango and Maou.

23. Favorite Drama that a Hey Say JUMP member(s) stars in

24. Favorite Drama that a NewS member(s) stars in
One Liter of Tears. Please don't judge me as Ryo's fans because I am not. I only like this drama because of the beautiful and touching story. I'm a little bit picky about dramas actually.

25. Favorite Drama that a Kat-tun member(s) stars in
Haha ... I think it's ... None :p

26. The first Johnny's band you've known
NEWS, because of watching Pacific Concert.

27. In first what in J.E you find distracting but now loving it?
Kanjani 8's noiseness :P

28. The first Johnny's drama you've known
Maybe Forbidden Love starring Hideaki Takizawa-san.

29. First impression of J.E ?
"Seriously? You're all idols? You're joking right?" (sorry if you find it's rude, but that's my honest opinion when the first time I saw them).

30. Do you hate a J.E member? Who?
Used to hate Akanishi Jin but now ... I don't hate anyone particular in JE.

31. Who is the most talented in singing?
In JE? "......"

32. Who is the most talented in dancing?
I don't know.

33. Who is the most talented in acting?
Ikuta Toma.

34. Who is the most cute?
Chinen? He's like a puppies to me.

35. Who is the most handsome?
Ikuta Toma.

36. Who is the most spoiled?
I don't know.

37. Who is the most athletic?
Ueda Tatsuya.

38. Who is the smartest?
I don't know, but from the image they show on TV it could be Sakurai Sho.

39. Who is the most kind?
Tanaka Koki.

40. Do you wish them to be single forever?
No, please no. I hope all of them can marry someone they like, love, and treasure until the end of their life. I actually want Tsuyoshi and Koichi to get married with the girls they love and those girls are really caring and can understand both of them. Both of them are really unique. That dorky ouji-sama, he loves to spend all his free time in home, playing games. And the other one is a fishing-addicted LOL
Same with Ueda Tatsuya, I hope you will meet your soulmate soon too. I actually want you to be together with Kobayashi Ryoko, but it's up to you then xD


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