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Mar. 14th, 2020 02:52 pm
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Hi, this is my intro post! Let me introduce myself ...
First, just call me rabu if you find it difficult to call me with my username lovely_lace (rabu = love in Japanese language). It's not my real name though ^^ I just don't feel comfortable if people in cyber world call me with my real name :P
I'm interested in Japanese culture, especially with JE boys, but I will not only talk about them here in my journal since this journal created to post my randomness because I also like K-Pop, American music and tv series and also movies, etc.
I once have created an account in livejournal, but then I made a mistake for adding my RL friend as my LJ friend. Thus it made me stressed out since she always post about her activities in our university. For me, internet is one of my way to have fun without thinking about my RL especially about my univ life. And what made me annoyed and couldn't stand it again was when she send me a message and told about my univ news ;_; enough is enough! Even though I've ended up defriending her, but I'm still in her f-list. Thus, I still feel uncomfortable posting for public. Therefore, I have to post for my f-lists only. It's not what I wanted in first place when I created that account "to share everything for public".
That's why I created this dreamwith journal so I can talk freely about everything even though it's very random ^^
You can add me as your friend, be a lurker here, as long as you're not my RL friend.

Let's have fun together here everyone ~~~


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