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I'm talking about my LJ life actually and also RL.
I just want to go back to the moment when I used to post something in LJ and didn't care whether people would be commenting/not to my entry. I really miss that moment. It's like I turn out to be attention whore now, wanting my f-lists to comment on my entry. I checked my e-mail to see whether I have new comment and getting depressed if there's no comment in my entry or there's no reply when I comment on my friend's entry. I really felt hurt inside that when I commented on blue-chan's entry ... she never replied back. I guess my last comment on her entry about that comm fight has changed her opinion about me. Also, maybe because I'm really annoying by giving her some LONG LONG LONG advices. Guess I have already lost one friend haha
About RL, I really regret about it ~ I threw away, abandoned my RL friends ;_; Now, I also feel distant towards my family too ;_;

I hope by being active in DW, where I have no friends here, I will get the moment when I become active in LJ at the first time ^_^ don't care whether people will comment on my entry etc. Also, I will get my sense back that I have to make my RL to become my top priority.
I try to resist getting too deep in fandom again by leaving some communities, especially the community related to KAT-TUN.

About subbing, I think I will talk about it later though XD ~


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