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Let's start the ramblings from Shota’s new single ♥♥♥

That PV is from Shota’s new single “LOVE”. I’m not expert in describing about how good some songs are. I just can say I like this song “LOVE” better than his two previous releases “You and I” and “Forget Me Not”. There’s something in this song which makes me replaying this song again and again, not only on my laptop but also in my head. I can’t describe what it is in words. If you want to know the meaning of each songs Shota wrote for this single, you can read the translation of his interview with Excite by [profile] dookmi here. Thank you to my friend [profile] j_u_addict for telling me about that entry in arama.

About next season's drama : Am I the only one who feels excited about the fact that there're no JE actors in Ouran Live Action????
Lately, I avoid watching any drama if there're JE actors in it xD I can't stand when those really biased fangirls say that the acting of their biased are really good while the truth is NOT!!! The story is interesting just because their so-called-ichiban act there. Just so people know, even though I like Ueda, I still can say Konkatsu is boring like hell and Ueda's acting there was so-so. Even I need 3 months or so just to finish watching that drama. And don't ask me about Gokusen 2 because I don't like it. I only like the Gokusen 1. The story .... is a NO-NO for me. Those BAKANISHI and Kame? Don't ask me about them. I didn't know about them at that time so I could judge the story fairly. In Gokusen 2, I only knew about Hayami Mokomichi and also Teppei. Teppei is the only handsome guy on that drama XD ~ 
Gladly, Ouran is one of those "non-JE" dramas. I only know Yusuke Yamamoto ... and also Daito Shunsuke who plays as Kyoya because I've watched his acting in Fujoshi Kanojo as Hinata. I read that the rest of the actors for this live action mostly are tokusatsu actors? I suddenly have another reason to watch this drama ~ I always become curious if there're some tokusatsu actors act in "normal drama", the after effect after watching Clone Baby I think. I like the teaser pictures too :
I like the one who will play as Honey-senpai (Chibi Yudai) *__*

Last week I watched badminton match on TV after long time not watching any of them. I have no intention to watch them because of the low fighting spirit from Indonesian’s badminton athletes. Seeing them now … all of them are so different from the last time I saw them on Uber and Thomas cup. My fave athlete, Greysia Polii, is now really improved!!! Kinda surprised about that. I also have new fave athlete from watching that Djarum Indonesia Open, Tantowi Ahmad is his name :) He’s really energetic. Unfortunately, there’s no Indonesian athletes win this series which I find it very ironic. Indonesia held this event but none of our athletes win in the final match. Hope next year will be better. The good thing from watching this is I have found my passion to watch badminton match again.

And, yeah! I finally found this book! Agatha Christie’s Elephant Can Remember and moreover I found the Indonesian e-book version for this.
I’ve read the summary and it’s really interesting because Agatha Christie also plays the role in this book, as a writer named Ariadne Oliver if I'm not mistaken. I haven't read the book so I can't tell whether the summary is right/not.
I don’t buy the book because I kinda forget whether I’ve already read this book/not, the result of reading many Agatha Christie’s books while I also had to read many books for the high school final tests at that time. I think I have to made an entry on my DW account to list all Agatha Christie’s books so I know which one I have already read.
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