May. 4th, 2011

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Just in case you want to experience being a subber or doing subbing process, I will give you the video tutorial I’ve found very helpful. I have to admit that I like learning by seeing how to, not by reading the tutorial.

Fisrt Step : Download and Installation The Program )

Subbing Process (How to Do Timing) )

Okay, that’s it. Hope those videos and a little bit explanation from me can be helpful to you if you want to try subbing.
Note :
  • About making an effect for subbing Music Video, I haven’t learned about it since I’m still not interested in subbing PV. And I’ll edit this entry if I can do hardsubbed process.
  • Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy asking me if you have a question. I only understand the basics, but I’m willing to help you and if I don’t know how to answer, I’ll ask my friend who’s already an experienced subber.
  • If you think it’s difficult for you to watch the tutorial online because of the slow loading process, just tell me. I’ll upload those videos and I’ll send you the download links.
Hope this will become a handy for you. I hope with this tutorial, many people will be interested in subbing process so you can help many subbing team to sub your favorite idols’ videos or else you can be an individual subber.


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