Apr. 12th, 2011

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I just finished watching the latest Khuntoria episode subbed by that amazing subber team (kamsahamnida ~~~) and I couldn't help myself LOL-ing when EunHyuk oppa did the Elevator dance with Khunnie :D
I even made gif images for these epic moments :

First, it was when EunHyuk and Khunnie demonstrating Elevator dance to Victoria

See how they two were so excited EunHyuk was so excited, well EunHyuk is well-know for his dancing ability after all.

And the second one was daebak! EunHyuk pretended slapping Khunnie ROFL. I have to admit I repeated this scene many times. EunHyuk became "S" LOL

Ah, this episode is so amazing! Because of EunHyuk oppa ~

Random : maybe from now on, I might be actively post here. I really get frustating and being irritated about my fandom lately (-_-) I'll still check my LJ account everyday juts to see my FP and also I'll make sure that I still post in Shota's comm. Hope I can last till the end of the month for not commenting to anyone's journals and posting anything to my own journals.


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