Mar. 24th, 2011

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I'm getting sick!!! Yeah right *sobs* Looks like I'll be getting an influeza :( For me, it's okay if I get influenza right away without the pre-symptom but it seldom happen (-_-) And now I have to experience the symptom I really hate, an uncomfortable feeling at my throat (-_-) I really really hate this one symptom.
And now, after 1 day, I also have to deal with the mucous come out from my nose ... well still in liquid form but still I have to use many tissues to wipe it away. if the Greenpeace see me like this now, using many tissues rather than using one towel which can be easily washed, I'm sure they'll bring this issue LOL Even though I already know how much trees have been cut to make tissue but frankly speaking ... who wants to use the towel to wipe the liquid? It's wasting too much energy ... beside my body is still weak. I haven't gone anywhere from my dorm since I'm sick :( I really want to eat takoyaki and also matcha milkshake!!!!

~ Hope I will get well soon ~


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