Mar. 18th, 2011

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Yeah, right! I get caught up by Glee right now just because of hearing this song from its OST

Yup, it's Alone sang by Will and April, two characters from Glee. And I just knew that this song are the cover song from Celine Dion's, my most fave diva. She has a very powerful voice, the same like Charice Pempengco (she appeared in Glee season 2) and also Mercedes (one of main characters in Glee).

A few days ago I started downloading whole episode of Glee season 1 *chuckles* So far I've already watched until episode 2, still 20 episodes more to go though to finish season 1, while now Glee season 2 has already reached 16th episodes o_O I really have to catch up soon LOL otherwise I can't keep up the pace like anyone else, sometimes it's annoying if you accidentally read the spoiler right? Besides, my fave American TV Series Gossip Girl is now on hiatus so I have many times to finish watching Glee. I also have no appetite to watch Japanese variety shows or watch any Japan-related shows even JE-related right now, soooo it's the perfect time :P

And also I somewhow get fired up to fix Glee subtitle. So far I've already fixed 2nd and 15th episode subtitle (cheers for me. Yay!). That's me if I'm addicted to something. I don't hesitate to do anything related to what I'm addicted right now.



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